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scuole rivali

can you survive high school?

The Center - a high-school centered RPG
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scuole rivali;

Alphania High and Tuckerson High are rival schools. Alphania is brand new and quite stunning, and Tuckerson is run down with years of high school kid-tromping about.

There are different advantages to being in each school. Being in Tuckerson High is another way of saying 'I was here first'. Seniority. Not only that, but the discipline is less strict, and for those who crave bloodshed, there are likely more than a few handfuls of fights that happen daily.

Being in Alphania High is another way of saying you came second, but not last. The discipline is a bit harsher, but the environment offers more protection. There are police that walk the premises daily. There is an extremely large Library, auditorium, and three gyms.

The two high schools, as well as a few neighboring high schools, meet at one place on a school basis. It is called 'The Center' by some and 'The Learning Environment' by others. This is where the most gifted students get to show their skills in any class the facility has to offer. This is where you come in.

Either by some strange schedule mishap or by your astounding abilities, the Learning Center has accepted you from your high school to show off your skills wherever you feel the need to excel. From baking or cooking in the kitchen to swordplay in the courtyard, they have all the ideal classes that you could ever dream of taking.

But watch out for the other schools..you're still in high school, after all. And pranks are all the rage.

However, there are some strange things going on at the individual high schools..some strange secrets, just waiting to be told. Disasters, some may say, in the making..so, bright individual!

What will you do..where will you go? Can you really survive highschool?



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